Unconventional Businesses and Progress

Hi, Everyone.

It’s been a while, as Stacey and I have been working on starting a new tutoring company in Bend. We’ve been lean and agile about growing this company, using some commonly referred-to tools here at Unconventure. Plus, we’ve hired a team of 8 awesome tutors to finish out the school year, and prepare us for a heavy market growth at the beginning of next year.

Sevenstar Tutoring Logo

So, here are the tools I’ve used to get this company going:

Infrastructure Software



So far, we are succeeding in getting most of our tutors working with students. There has been nothing but super-positive feedback on the pairings of our tutors with the students (personality matches, interests, etc.).

So, it’s going well, and we’re happy to be starting this unconventional business to serve the Bend community with a highly-needed educational service.

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