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Saying “Social Media” leaves a real creepy feeling with many people. The term itself is applying cold technology (Media) to something that we all embrace, love and feel warm about (Social). But if I talk about friends, networking, or professional groups, I’m at least getting closer to traditional relationship-building.

That is how I picture Social Media. I picture these website networks as similar to a business party, chamber of commerce meeting, or even a school dance. We’re all trying to get attention, give attention, and do a little dancing. (Well, maybe not at the Chamber).

There are a few social media profile sites that I use on a regular basis to network with different markets. Each market is unique.

Facebook users like to be more personal and see eye-opening facts, relevant statistics, or things that they can share to make themselves look either A) smarter; or B) more entertaining. So don’t go sharing all your blog posts, if they aren’t relevant. Only give them stuff that you truly believe will help that group.

Twitter users are obsessive sharers. So, the more links or quick remarks, the better. Twitter is like a basketball court — you can high-five your teammates after a great shot, or even slap their tookus. But profusely expressing love, or trying to engage in serious conversation is a real game interruption. Pass the ball, shoot, or get off the court.

Google Plus is usually an analytical-thinking network (at leas the circles I explore). I see a lot more in-depth discussion on Google Plus than any other network – even Facebook. It’s a place where people feel free to really explore thinking and expand on their circles. I think it’s one of the few under-leveraged networks out there.

I’ve ordered them by the frequency and value in which I use these different groups for my business.

Primary Networks

Secondary Networks

Tertiary (less-used for me) Networks


Cool New Sites for Profile

Go claim your name, your business, or whatever to get a free profile on every single one of these sites. You don’t have to start hanging out yet. But, at least claim your seat.

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