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Sometimes it’s difficult to describe your business. It may be easy to describe your products or services. Sometimes it’s clear who your target customer is. But, when I ask you what keywords or keyword phrases someone would type into a search engine to find you, what do you say? (Usually, it’s like flashing a deer with my headlights.)

Go to the Google Adwords Keyword research tool. Type in your website domain (example: into the input box “Website”.

Under “Advanced Options and Filters” click the “X” on your country (example: United States) to change the locations to “All”.

In the left-sidebar, under “Match Types” unselect the box “Broad” and select the box [exact].

Type in the words/characters to the search box, and select “Search.”

This will show you the keywords and keyword phrases your website is most likely to be discovered under.

You can sort the data by in a number of ways (total searches, difficulty to advertise, etc.). But what I find useful, is that it automatically sorts the keyword phrases by “Relevance”. This is based on how high quality the keyword phrase is deemed by Google to describe your website and what people are looking for.

So, if your top results – sorted by relevance – is “Garlic Health Cures”. Be aware, that although there is a much smaller number of people searching that phrase than “Natural Health Cures”, Google already finds your website more relevantly-tied to the first. You might get an easier-time with advertising, and being found for those terms.

If nothing else, it will give you a quick answer to how Google’s bot see’s your website stacking up with the highest-searched keyword terms.

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