The Myth of Traffic

Colorful Traffic

Website Traffic is a myth. Or, at least a largely-held misconception.

Traffic is not a singular thing that can be measured and built forwards, but a result of a combination. It’s like looking at the “C” in the equation A+B=C and aiming to influence just “C” without looking at the factors “A” and “B”. Impossible.

Here’s what it really is: Traffic is a result of Awareness combined with Relevance.

In fact, relevance may not even be a strong enough word. It requires a conversion, or a sale to get someone to click on your link, type in your web address, or choose you from the options on the search-engine results page (SERPS).

This comes from a clear value-over-cost proposition.

Not everyone who is aware of you (even if you show up #1 in a list of 10, or top on the news feed), determine that you or your link/page is relevant to them at that time.

Not everyone who could benefit from your link/page is aware of your offerings.

Therefore, you must both:

  1. Increase the awareness to your link/page/offer.
  2. -and- Clarify your value proposition. (Who, What, Why, How?)

So, instead of fussing over the result “Traffic”, get to work on the two influencing factors that derive the result. Awareness and Value.

I hope that helps.

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